WireMock Cloud

Looking for MockLab?

MockLab has been sunsetted as of August 1st 2023.

WireMock Cloud delivers a new level of API developer productivity and mocking - new user experience, extensive collaboration capabilities, additional functionality such as mock templates and chaos engineering

Your MockLab account has been migrated to WireMock Cloud automatically. You can use your MockLab account details to login to your new WireMock Cloud account here.
If you previously authenticated via GitHub or Google you can authenticate in the same way. If you authenticated using a password you should have received an email allowing you to set a password; if not, follow the forgotten password flow.

All your existing APIs and stubs should have been migrated to WireMock Cloud automatically, so the paths will remain the same. However, the domain names will change - so for instance myapi.mocklab.io will become myapi.wiremockapi.cloud.

Your MockLab subscription

Please get in touch with us if you have any issues with your migrated account.